Set it up right.

Our goal is for you to have your best day ever! Rent one of our mountain bikes - the best mountain bike on the market and available exclusively as a rental with Aspen MTB. Grab your MTB gear in our little pop up shop before you hit the trails or bike park. We’ll get you set up right. Our techs will set your suspension for you. We’ll share our favorite trails and can even arrange some guided riding on private MTB heaven.

Let’s Ride!!

Mountain Bikes - Ebikes - Dirt Bikes - Gear & Clothing

There hasn’t been a shop in Aspen carrying dirt bike gear for as long as we can remember - but so many people here need to be able to find the best pants & jerseys out there AND all the protectives. So, here we are!

We’ve combined our expertise in the moto world, our passion to get more people safely out there dirt biking and mountain biking and Aspen MTB & MX Aspen was born.

Come hang out in our bike lounge on the patio after a day on the trails, pick up new gear, and relax with fellow riders on a gorgeous Aspen afternoon. Let us set you up and get you out there.

We can book your dirt biking experience right at the shop! Or just snag that new pair of boots you’ve been putting off. Try out a Revel mountain bike or get back out there on the bike - an ebike! We are the exclusive dealer of Nox Cycles, a premium, boutique European ebike brand built in Austria. Let’s just get you back on two wheels in the great outdoors.