The exclusive dealer in Aspen for Nox Cycles eBikes & Revel Bikes

Aspen MTB is the exclusive dealer in Aspen for two brands of high end, high performance bicycles that have won awards and accolades around the world for their quality and design.

We carry the prestigious Nox Cycles, German-Austrian Ebikes - mountain eBikes & beautiful towniEbikes and Revel Bikes, a local Colorado brand of mountain bikes and gravel bikes!

If you’re looking for the best natural mountain bike on the market - Revel Bikes is your first choice. We carry this brand as our rental performance mountain bike, you can rent one to see what the fuss is all about before you buy.

Looking for a little help on the uphill climb? Go for an ebike! Buy the best e-mountain bike on the market: Nox Cycles.

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About NOX Cycles USA

If you’re looking for a boost - go one of the Nox Ebikes. We have incredible eMountain bikes and beautiful eTown bikes in stock. Contact us for current inventory on the sales floor.

Nox is a boutique, high end European eBike designed in Germany and built & tested in Austra at the bast of the Alps. This small bike company is making a big splash for beautiful bikes that perform amazingly - on the climb and the descent. They’re beautiful, fast and perform at the highest level. Simply the best ebike on the market. But we are biased because it’s what WE ride. If you’re looking to get back on the bike, to go electric - go Nox. No More Excuses.

Or visit the shop at 415 E Dean St, Aspen, CO, 81611. From June through September.